How to Turn Bath time from Humdrum to Hammam!

I am very big on pampering myself with bath products. It seems like no matter how stressful the day, there is nothing like a hot bath to literally wash all my troubles right down the drain. Nothing could be closer to the truth than when taking a Hammam. For those of you that have never heard the term before, a “Hammam” is a Moroccan cleansing ritual, which in America translates to a very hot bath to really relax you and open up your pores. It’s also the name of the gift set that was given to me to review by Zakia of Morocco.

The benefits of visiting a hammam, sauna or steam room.

Physical and emotional detox. Reduce stress, anxiety and allow deep relaxation.
Beautifying the body and face. Exfoliate dead skin from your body, unclog pores while eliminating toxins from the skin and
Fight acne. Regulate skin oil secretions to prevent acne and help heal scars and reduce redness.
Skin nourishing and rehydration. Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
Anti-aging. Allow your inner organs to breathe. Helps toning, firming the skin while improving elasticity.
Decrease muscle tension. It sooth muscle pain and rheumatism.
Better sleep. Helps rejuvenate your body while sleeping.
Boost the immune system. Activate the blood circulation.
Body and mind connection. Have more energy and feel more balance.
Feel beautiful. Feeling fresh and revitalized.

The Moroccan Hammam treatment is a body and soul relaxation journey that can have multiple variants, but will always consist of a black soap cleansing, skin exfoliation with a kessa mitt, mineralized rhassoul clay mask and complete rehydration of the skin with argon oil.

This ritual bath session left my body and my hair (yes, you can use the clay mask for your hair to detoxify and remove product buildup!) feeling soft and hydrated, like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

The kit includes: 100% pure, organic Argan Oil,(not shown) Moroccan Black Soap, Atlas Mountain Lava Clay Face and Body Mask and Moroccan Kessa Exfoliating Glove. 

One lucky reader, will take home the entire set!

a picture of Hammam Spa Gift Set from Zakia's Morocco which includes Black Soap, Argan Oil, Ghassoul Clay Mask for hair & body, Loofah, Kessa Mitt and travel bag
Hammam Spa Gift Set

Everyone else can purchase the products via their website Zakias Morocco, and don’t forget to include INURFACEMAKEUP in the discount code to get 20% off your purchase!

***FTC Disclaimer- I received these products free of charge for testing purposes, however, the opinions expressed are my own.

When it’s time to relax, here’s my secret weapon……

I am half convinced that everyone on social media has anxiety disorder. 

Whether it’s ADHD, OCD, Mania or a combination of all three, (no judgements here, myself included), we are a product of our environment. 
We live in a society where if you don’t sleep; you are considered a warrior! 

A quick peek on my Instagram, and you’ll notice I am proud to display the quote, ” 5 am The time when Legends are waking up or going to sleep”. 
 We are, without a doubt, perpetually plugged in. 

We have conversations with our significant other as we check our email. We are Snapchatting our way through meetings and
Instagramming our dinner. 
And it’s not only generation Y, even the President (whether he’s “yours” or not…) has a Twitter account! 

 It’s amazing we can sleep a wink, with all this stimulation! 
So, when it’s time to relax, what’s your secret weapon?
Do you find your newest white noise app?
Listen to binaural beats, or maybe turn on Headspace and meditate until you’re no longer amped? How do you kick stress to the curb?
I’ll tell you what I do.
I turn it all off.
(and trust me it’s about the only time of day I turn it off…, GAWD! I love technology)
I go straight old-school and do the only thing that’s ever worked: 
Lavender and a hot bath!

So when I read about these bath products from Delicate Owl, I confess, my heart skipped a beat, and I got all warm inside. 
It was love at first sight or maybe a hot flash, but I’m going with the more romantic answer.
Put simply:
Essential oils, all natural, no parabens or preservatives, vegan friendly, no animal testing, cruelty free yumminess!  

Since I practically need a dart gun to put me to bed, I went for the heavy hitters: 
-Foremost, bath bombs. 
Feel free to quote me on this;
“If the question is bath bombs, my answer is always a resounding ‘Yes’,

 These do not disappoint. They come in a recycled box tied with twine and a lavender sprig, that screams, “i’m too pretty to open”.

Thankfully, I don’t hear those cries and impatiently, tap my foot until the bath fills enough to throw one in. They are heart-shaped, with little bits of flowers and herbs that dissipate in the water until it looks like natures confetti!           
In a word: Bliss!

-Next the Lavender salt scrub. I will admit, at first I was a bit disappointed. I am used to the salt scrubs where giant, grained crystals could just about strip the skin off my body. 
This is different, it’s a super fine, sand-like texture. All I can say is, I’ve been doing it wrong for years! This is evident in how much it removed the streaks from yesterday’s awful self tanning job. I am Amazed.

– Handmade Lavender soap was next. I’ll come clean (pun intended), I never

use soap. I’m a child of bad television, and every time I see a bar of soap I think of that commercial where they write the words “soap scum” on the shower doors. I haven’t used a bar since. This is again, where I’m surprised, all I felt was the natural oils on my skin. Nice.
I may be a bit more open-minded going forward.

– The Bath Gel and Lotion are great as well, but I’m standing firm on the bath bomb and salt scrub being my go to products here. 
All of their products are available in other fragrances, such as Rose, Lilly of the Valley, Orange Marmalade, Oatmeal and Brown Sugar Vanilla. For me, it’s a matter of necessity, and in the battle of lavender versus stress, lavender always wins!
Since I knew you’d love this as much as I do, I asked the creator of these swell products if she could provide my readers with a coupon code to show them some love and she said “absolutely”! (Thank you Sharon)
So go to their website, and

be sure to put in  “INURFACEMAKEUP15” at checkout,  to get 15% off anything you buy! 

and ……breathe………………..
The makers at Delicate Owl have supplied the above products free of charge for testing purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are my own. 

 Estimated Reading Time: 2 min, 10 sec

4 Reasons why I’ll never use a standard charging cable again – ( 2 min read )

As anyone that has an iPhone will tell you, when it comes to charging cables for this battery-draining  beast, “the struggle is real”. 

a picture of a well manicured hand holding a rose gold iphone charging cable from #PowerUp

I’m tired of giving  $20 to Apple so they can stuff their pockets every 6 or 7 months, when their standard lightning cable tears or breaks. Then again those $6 Chinese imports from 7-11 may as well be disposable!

 So when I had the chance to check out the Power-Up Cable for iPhone and saw that it was coated in a nylon braid to make it extra durable and reinforced on both ends, you know I jumped at it!

I mean, what’s a Boss Girl with a dead iPhone? (unproductive, that’s what!)

a picture of a well manicured hand holding a rose gold iphone charging cable from #PowerUp

Here’s why it has my vote:
1- It’s 6 feet long, so I’m not stuck leaning against the wall trying to send one more email while my phone is charging! “Wait until it’s done charging”, you say?
a picture of a well manicured hand holding a rose gold iphone charging cable from #PowerUp   “Hi, have we met”???

a picture of a well manicured hand holding a rose gold iphone charging cable from #PowerUp2. That nylon braid, not only makes it extra sturdy, but I don’t have to worry about the cord tangling either, and reinforced ends in the place that usually tears on my old cables

3. It’s Apple certified and has a 1-year warranty!

A flat lay photo with rose gold accessories, including perfume bottle, lipgloss, and rose gold iphone 7

4. Rose Gold!     ——–Nuff said

You can find the Power Up Charging Cables here:
Power Up Cables


*Power Up supplied the cable free to me, in exchange for my honest review, however, the opinions expressed are my own. Please see my disclosure page for additional information.

The Crazy (but true) Things We Do in The Name of Beauty

When I was 14 years old, I had a really beautiful best friend.
I won’t say she was evil, but I will say, adolescence is difficult, and friends sometimes do shitty things to each other …
You get the picture?

 As for my friend? (Let’s call her “Suzie”.)
She had the longest lashes I had ever seen!      

 I had tried everything to get mine to look as long as hers;

  • Gobs of mascara separated with a safety pin…
  • Baby powder under my mascara
  • Olive oil every night
Nothing worked, finally, I asked her…

“Suze, how can I get my lashes to look like yours, all long and beautiful?

She said, Do you really wanna know?
Yes, whatever it is, I’ll do it, just name, it I said.
Cut them, she said.
Cut them???
Yup, she said
How short do I cut them?
That depends,… How long do you want them? Her eyebrows raised, The shorter you cut them, the longer they’ll grow” she told me.

I raced home, ran to the mirror, and with scissors in hand, prepared to have super-long, luxurious lashes. Afterall, I had cut them to the base, as short as I could without bleeding, so I was sure to get really long ones in return, right?
Long story short…..She got a good laugh, and I looked like a burn victim for what felt like an eternity.
To this day, I blame her for my stubby, short lashes.
I am convinced that they’ve never grown back to their original length.
I would have dreams, my lashes were so long that I couldn’t open my eyes unless someone held up my giant lashes, or I’d have to get a hedge-trimmer to cut them because they were so thick and heavy.As I got older, I avoided wearing mascara so as not to draw attention to what few lashes I did have. As a makeup artist, you really can’t get away with that, so I started experimenting with every formulation of mascara I could find.  I was determined not to go the strip lash route. “Who has time for that every day?” 

picture of hands with a false lash in one hand and lash glue in the other hand

(Obviously, I grew up in a very different time, where only showgirls wore strip lashes on a daily basis)
*Thankyouverymuch Instagram!

a picture of a tube of mascara and a tube of nylon eyelash fibers, an extension system called Better Than False Lashes by Too Faced Cosmetics Too Faced Cosmetics, 
 Better Than False Lashes!
This stuff is so amazing that I can’t wear it every day. 
I mean it’s obscene!                           I can’t go to the grocery store with Kim Kardashian length lashes! Who do I think I am?

Here’s how it works…….It comes with two tubes. 
One is an activating mascara and the other, a tube of flex-stretch fibers. First, you use the mascara, and while still wet, you coat the lashes with fibers and repeat. Careful not to get carried away or you risk having porn star lashes.

Here are my lashes before:
a picture of my eyelashes without any mascara, natural lashes
and these are what my lashes look like after only 2 coats of Better Than False Lashes
a picture of one eye without makeup and the other eye with Better Than False Lashes applied
big difference right?

I’ll let you be the judge…. 

but I’m pretty sure that this is the answer to me finally getting back at my old bestie.

Eat your heart out, “Suzie”!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of beauty? 
(Please tell me I’m not the only one?) 
Tell me all about it in the comments below, the wackiest story will receive a sample of high end skincare from me! 
Sure it won’t replace your shaved off eyebrows, but you’ll feel a sisterhood of sorts with the other gullible chick with short lashes. (me)

You can purchase Better Than False Lashes from Too Faced through their website or where ever luxury brands are sold.

To get a “click to tweet link” like I have above, click here: 
(this is an affiliate link, it does not cost you anything to click & rumor has it that I get a few pennies if you use it ) let’s see….


This is not a sponsored post. All products were bought and paid for by myself for me.I was not asked by the company to review this product, nor was I compensated.

My 4 favorite products and the cheat sheet to the ZenMed Giveaway.

This is my quick introduction to the ZenMed Skincare Collection and Giveaway, and my top four products.
 Because that’s how many you will get, if you win my Giveaway!
(Which let me tell ya, it’s not  easy to narrow down.)

So I’m here to help you “navigate” your way  a little. 
in other words, a Cheat Sheet. 

The more I use this the more I fall in love with it!  I want to order their HD Powder by the trunk full! It is so fine milled that it literally makes me look photo shopped. 

oh, and i had a really embarrassing realization…
Turns out I really dig BB cream now. I’m almost embarrassed to say this because I spent so many years thinking it was just a so so tinted moisturizer. Or maybe it’s just this Complexion Perfection, but this is kind of the bomb! I have seriously been wearing this every day and i swear my skin looks younger and lighter without all that heavy foundation. (not that mine was ever “heavy” errrherm. !. ) but it’s just nice to breath a little, and this stuff feels seriously good! My skin just looks healthy now , not all made up. Perfect timing for summer! When you want that “yeah I wake up like this, don’t you?” sort of look.  And, if you go a shade darker , or you’re like me and like to custom-blend to your skin tone, this is a perfect wash of color but still build able if you want more.
To enter the contest click here,
 and don’t forget to visit my website at, and also for more info!

My brow routine – A quick Everyday Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial in 5 mins or less

Quick Tip Tuesday – unruly brows!

Here is  a quick 5 min beauty tip that I use and think you’ll love.
If you’ve seen my blog before you know that I am more than a just a little obsessed, with Lastics Shave Soap.
But check this out…you’ll never believe how I use it today!

Here’s my routine.

You will need

1. A brow brush – the ones I use are either
  • Senna fine line,
a picture of Senna's Fine Liner Eye Brush
Senna Fine Liner Brush
  • Ve’s Favorite Brushes – Slant Tip 
in image of Ve Neils Favorite Brushes in Slant Tip
Ve’s Favorite Brushes – Slant Tip

  •  Nars #5 brow brush.
    Nars #5 Brush

 2. A brow pencil

  • I don’t spend big money on this, the one I’m using for this video is from Daiso (it’s $1.50 and I love it!)

 3. A brow powder

an image of Senna Brow Book  Eyebrow Palette
  •  I am using Senna’s brow palette because I want to use 2-3 colors so it looks natural and not one dimensional

 4. A spooly or a toothbrush

  • to brush them into place and      

5. Here’s the kicker, instead of brow gel, I use my Shave Soap from Lastics

  •  it holds them in place without feeling crunchy (plus it smells ahhhhmazing!)

6. A brow highlighter  (optional) 

a picture of Anastasia matte highlighter crayon in Camille

  • to clean up and sharpen your edges – I’m using Anastasia Matte Highlighter Crayon in Camille

How To-

 First brush your brows up,with your toothbrush or spooly.
 Use the brow pencil to fill in any gaps, using quick little strokes to mimic the hairs.
Then go over the pencil using your brow powder.

Then brush your brows downward using the spooly or toothbrush, and do the same process for the top of your brows.

You want to remember to use a light hand on the beginning of your brows, the concentration of  product should be in the arch, which will bring the eye upward, otherwise it just looks unnatural &  heavy.(or in my case sinister-haha)
Once you’re all filled in, take your spooly or toothbrush, slightly dampen it, and run it over the shave soap until you pick up enough product and brush your brows into place.
In about a minute, when this dries, you will have natural looking brows that stay in place all day!

And there you have it- My five minute brow routine!
Sounds a little crazy but it works.
Try it!

Do you have any weird little hacks or products you use a little unconventionally?
I’d love to know, tell me about them in the comments below.

And if you enjoyed this quick tip, I hope you’ll subscribe and share!

**Special Thanks to Lastics for providing the Shave Soap for this demo
All opinions expressed in this post are my own, and no payment was received.

You can find Lastics Shave Soap here:
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Senna Brow Book and brushes:
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Made with Perfect Video “add rel=” nofollow”

4 ways you could be Winning Your Sensitive Skin Game

I recently had the opportunity to try out VL Pure Skincare.

I didn’t know much about them but had heard that they were eco-conscious, that their products were all natural, paraben free and most of all cruelty-free. (I would think by now, with all the intelligence we posses, all cosmetic companies would be cruelty-free, but unfortunately that’s not the case.)
Before I get up on my soapbox, let me tell you about these products!

All Natural Rose Hip and Seaweed Facial Cleanser

There’s so much I love about this cleanser!
First of all,  this is by far one of the most gentle cleansers I have ever used. However, don’t let the fact that it’s gentle make you think that your skin is not getting absolutely clean. I have used so many cleansers in the past that make your skin feel “squeaky” clean, but here’s a little hint, save that for your pots and pans, if your skin feels “squeaky” clean, chances are you are stripping it of the essential oils it needs.

a picture of All Natural Rose Hip & Seaweed Facial Cleanser

 This is a different kind of clean.
It doesn’t feel tight, it feels nourished and healthy.
You know that feeling you get after you’ve had a facial, and spent a lot of money on your skin?
Hours later you’re still touching it trying to justify how much you’ve spent?
Now imagine that feeling in a bottle, waiting for you by your sink every day.
That’s what it feels like!!!!

 I also like the fact it’s all natural and made with ingredients I can pronounce.

Dark Circle and Wrinkle 
Vanishing Eye Cream

a picture of Dark Circle and Wrinkle Vanishing Eye Cream in a bottle

What I liked about this eye cream was that it didn’t feel heavy. Most eye creams feel like they are just sitting there, this was smooth and light and blended right into my skin without that heavy, sticky feeling.
What I loved about this, is that I noticed a huge improvement in the puffiness that used to be there.  I always looked like I didn’t get enough sleep, but after using this for 2 weeks, I don’t have to use concealer to hide the dark circles anymore.

a bottle of Rejuvenating Stem Cell Serum

Rejuvenating Stem Cell Serum

To be honest, the name scared me at first. Who’s “Stem Cells” was I about to put on my face?
Luckily, they are only talking about the cells of Swiss apples! All these products are natural and cruelty free.
I did notice a visible difference in the texture of my skin, it feels smoother, and my makeup glides on now.

a jar of VL PURE Nourishing Moisturizer


I’m really picky about moisturizer. I have had oily skin most of my life so, I usually make the mistake of buying a thin liquid moisturizer that does nothing, because I am always worried that if I use a cream, It’ll feel greasy and heavy. This cream is lightweight and absorbs right into my skin instead of sitting on top of it. I’m very happy with this whole line. My skin feels and looks amazing!

                                                                                                                                                 *special thanks to the people at VL Pure who                                                                                                                                                           provided these products for free so that I could try                                                                                                                                                       them and write an honest review. 

                          You can find VL Pure products here: